Power politics

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Books in this department expose a distance between theory and practice that is generally not known. They show how special interest groups, intelligence services, mafia, and elite networks combine to undermine official policy and the extent to which the public is betrayed by trusted authorities.

Reason Is presents the bigger picture on power politics: how these factions have evolved, how they operate, and the threat they pose to institutions that are founded and dependent upon principles of sound governance. It provides a general introduction to power politics, one that brings the war on terror and war on drugs and the widespread pattern of deception behind these campaigns into focus.

When it comes to the deeper implications of power politics for drug policy, Human Rising is an eye-opener. As documented in this book, there is evidence of a political and legal heist in America, and the Iran Contra chapters present sufficient ammunition to take down these factions, which involve some of the better-known names in politics.

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