There is a principled foundation underpinning Western civilization. These principles, while commonly neglected and often misunderstood, pave the way for utopian society building, and the only reason why modern cultures fall short of this ideal is the prevalence of arbitrary law.

Such laws have always been the enemy of humanity. Since the beginning of civilization, its progeny, arbitrary punishment and imprisonment, has been the cause of much suffering, but there is a remedy. It is found here, in our bookstore, and we offer solutions that work not only at the level of law and society building but also personally.

Psychology, after all, gives birth to politics, just as politics gives birth to law. Human consciousness is the overriding variable that controls everything else, and to solve problems meaningfully, we must begin at this level. When it comes to this, some of our most commonly shared assumptions about life appear to be flawed. For those who look closer, not only conflicting religious beliefs but scientific anomalies abound, and in our Cosmology department, therefore, we present a new ground—one that includes good news for everyone.

Our political and legal departments are also sure to be a source of inspiration. We are proud representatives of the philosophical tradition that gave rise to our constitutions (and which continues to be affirmed by human rights commitments), and our books complete the founders’ mission. For this reason, they have been received by governments and state representatives from all over the world, and our goal is to ensure the hegemony of principled law.

We also wish to help fellow citizens and friends of freedom understand proper rights reasoning. What tyrants truly fear is the ideals, values and principles that gave birth to our constitutions, and if we want a better world, we must build on our common heritage and on the wisdom of enlightenment thinking. At Life Liberty Books, we are uniquely positioned to assist in this quest, and our departments cover five topics of importance: cosmology and self development, social engineering, human rights and drug policy, and power politics.

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