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3. May 2022

The Responsibility of the Prosecuting Authority to End Arbitrary Persecution

The police have had a strong but not very insightful presence in the debate on drug reform. The response of the Norwegian Prosecuting Authority, therefore, comes as a surprise because while the Police Directorate, the Norwegian Police Confederation, and the Norwegian Narcotics Officers Association (NNPF) are more interested in continuing a regime of punishment, no […]

5. September 2022

Norway’s legal experts have failed the Drug Reform

Norway’s lawyers have failed society in the debate on drug reform. While sociologists, psychologists, and criminologists have considered the reform with profound interest, lawyers have stood on the sidelines. From there, they have, without comment, witnessed the fall of the rule of law as the state openly neglects the guidelines of international law. Nothing is […]

8. October 2022

Civil Disobedience – AROD invites the Police to support the rule of law by giving away cannabis at the Main Police Station

The Norwegian drug reform has failed. Despite the Royal Commission’s identification of public panic as the engine behind policy and NGOs having documented the connection between this phenomenon and human rights crimes, politicians continue to push for punishment on rejected terms. By doing so, the politicians have failed clear demands under international law, and the […]

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